MP Dezgn Technology Solutions provide consultation and Professional Services for information systems integration partnered up with information operations management.  We utilize soft skills and more than 23 years of DoD experience to integrate federal requirements including the Privacy Act, HIPAA, alongside local corporate requirements and directives.  Our goal is to transfer enough knowledge to be self-sustaining and have a manageable environment.  We also provide training for SharePoint design, configuration, and industry best practices, whether in a cloud environment, on-premise, or hybrid. We integrate additional network enhancement expertise to optimize networks, web environments, and storage.  What we do not know, we seek out with industry experts and integrate it into the task.  We do not believe in sacrificing security for convenience or vice versa.

Chief Explorer Officer, Marilou, has over 24 years of Knowledge and Information Systems Management experience in the Department of Defense community and is bred to find solutions.  “Worrying is a waste of time.  Think only for solutions.”  The MPDezgn team members are experts in the role they enjoy.

The companies’ greatest asset is the ability to gather resources.  We also understand that there are some resources that can affect all of mankind, and because of this we have numbers on speed dial that can ensure our (yours and mine) success.

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