Information Management Plan

Information and Records Management Planning, Design and Protection

Users create information and utilize data to get their jobs done on a daily basis.  After 20 years of Information and Records Management in a DoD platform, MPDezgn CEO designs a knowleddge capture process that integrates directive-driven procedures and compliance. Furthermore, we are aware that procedures can be a deterrance for team members to adhere to, and so we make all services we provide easily taught, managed, and documented. “No Information or Records Management Plan is a good plan, if users try to find ways to get around it because they cannot get their jobs done efficiently and successfully.”  MP Dezgn methodologies include System Security Integration of Local and Federal Requirements.

No matter, whether it is for sharing purposes or compliance, we sit with your team of Champions to ensure all users and components critical to get your business moving forward is optimized to stay within your budget and train your users.  Contact us to start planning today!